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Compare Japanese Pay Porn Sites

Which site that’s the best is hard to tell and it’s very individual and it also depends a lot on which Japanese niche the viewer prefer. We write our reviews of the sites by bringing out the facts and details. This make it easier to quickly get enough information for the readers and find the right site for them. We also sort all the sites by category and this makes it easier for readers that just want to find site in a specific Japanese porn niche.

Are you looking for Premium Japanese Porn?

There’re way to many low quality and unsafe sites out there. Specially when it comes to porn online we need to be careful which sites we visit and specially which sites we can trust to become a member at. All the sites that we present and review on our site are safe to use and comes from well know companies or sites that we have confirmed and work with for a long time. Before we present a new site we always become members at the site and test all the aspect and safety of the site.

So if you are looking for Premium Japanese Porn, then our reviews are a good place to get you started. This will save you a lot of time and it’ll give you a change to quicker find a site with your favorite Japanese porn niche.

How do we score the sites

There’re several things that we look at when scoring a site. One important aspect that we always look extra at is the safety of the site so the payments are safe to do and that the sites dosen’t contain any viruses etc. We also try the support of the site and see that we get an answer if we send a email to the support function. We also take a close look in to what the site delivers, so you get what you pay for, many sites promises more then what they deliver.

When it comes to the score of the site we look at overall quality, number of videos, uncensored or not, price, membership option. We also try out the navigation of the sites so they are easy to use and quick to get started with. Generally we prefer sites that are more basic and easy to use then the once that are more flashy and less user friendly.

But what it all comes down to is what site your are looking for and what you like. So you should se our site as a collection of Japanese porn site reviews  where you can find a lot of Japanese porn sites in one place and it will give you a quick over look of the premium sites that are out there on the interweb.