Review (Japanese Erotic Massage)

  • TOTAL SCORE 77 / 100
  • Overall Impression 15 / 20
  • Video Quality 12 / 15
  • Video Quantity 12 / 15
  • Uncensored Content 10 / 10
  • Site Useability 7 / 10
  • Exclusivity 10 / 10
  • Updates 8 / 10
  • Value 3 / 10
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Introduction (also known as Jecstasy) is unlike any other J-porn site I’ve seen.  Rather than your average porn flick that shows Japanese women faking orgasm, this site give you a REAL Japanese orgasmic responses.  The women’s pleasure is real, and so are the squirting ejaculations. The main category is “massage” but there are also categories for “tosatsu” (peep) and “enko” (dating) categories.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to give a Japanese woman multiple orgasms, then these erotic massages will show you just that.  Many of the moviesare shot with real women in an actual massage parlor in Japan.  Judging the site by its site design, I wasn’t expecting much.  But I couldn’t stop watching the expressions of pure sexual ecstasy on their faces. The site has recently upgrade to a new design. It’s still in English, but you’ll have to first find the “English” icon in the top-right to view the English-version site.


This website breaks the conventional porn rules.  Instead of scenes of dicks inside pussies, this site is all about female pleasure.  In total, there are 406+ original massage videos, 37+ movies in the “peeping” section, and another 350+ exclusive scenes in the “porn actress” section. The site markets its content as “Illegal Massage” movies.  Whether they say this because their content is 100% mosaic-free or because the women are recorded unknowingly, I’m not sure.  Nor do I care.  What I care about is the content.  And the movies will stimulate you in new and exciting ways.


The quality of video is good.  Movie playback is 640x480px or 768x432px downloaded at 1.5Mbps.  You can also stream the original videos online. Many of the scenes start off with an interview, but they’re all in Japanese so I have no idea what they’re talking about.  The girls are office workers, teens, house wives, and everything in between.  There’s a real amateur feeling to the movies, but it doesn’t affect the quality in a bad way.  Instead of just famous J-porn stars, you have real women in all sizes and shapes.  There’s massage, vibrators, clitoris stimulation, and anal play.


Siofuki is more expensive than most paysites. There’s also a $5 signup fee, so the first month will actually cost you $49.  Below are the Siofuki membership plans:

  • 30 days – $49 (rebills at $44 / 30 days)
  • 90 days – $90 (rebills at $85 / 90 days)


Siofuki is such an original idea that it can’t be compared to other sites.  If you’re looking for dudes banging chicks, then this is not the place.  But if you’re looking for authentic Japanese sex massage with NO MOSAIC and REAL sexual responses, then you will love the unique content on this all-original site.  It’s a but expensive, but in my opinion, it’s still worth joining.

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