Caribbeancom Review ( Jporn network review)

  • TOTAL SCORE 80 / 100
  • Overall Impression 18 / 20
  • Video Quality 13 / 15
  • Video Quantity 13 / 15
  • Uncensored Content 10 / 10
  • Site Useability 5 / 10
  • Exclusivity 7 / 10
  • Updates 8 / 10
  • Value 6 / 10
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Introduction is one of the most trusted adult websites in Japan.  Since April 2001, it’s accumulated more members than almost every other porn site in Japan.  It’s a massive collection of uncensored Japanese porn titles including countless models and niche categories.  Although it’s not specialized in any one particular fetish, it’s a great option for those wanting something of everything in the Japanese niche.


I heard about this site over a year ago, but never gave it much consideration after browsing the free tour.  In my opinion, clean designs are better.  But Caribbean Com is very cluttered with advertisements and links to partners sites.  Perhaps the Japanese market appreciate this kind of design, but here in the West, I can’t help but feel that many visitors won’t give it a second thought.  It’s too bad because the site is an incredible find for any fan of uncensored porn.  It’s won numerous awards in Japan and it’s also been featured in various mainstream Japanese magazines.


Fans of high-budget productions will appreciate what this 2000+ video download site has to offer.  Every day there is a brand new full-length release added to the archives.  As a fan of J-porn, I can assure you that you won’t get tired of the site.  That is, if you’re able to find your way around.  At first, the site can seem daunting with all the links, images, and flashing banners.  But it’s easier than you think.  A good starting point is the ACTRESS TYPE and POPULAR CATEGORY sections on the left.  It’s an extensive list covering every niche and fetish, including hard-to-find titles in the uncensored, mature porn stars, and shemale niches.   But there’s so much unique content that it’s impossible to summarize in this review.  Another remarkable thing is the quality of video.  Downloads comes in 4000Kbps and the quality is the same as the regular DVDs.  Interestingly, all the scenes and full-length DVD downloads come in their original uncut formats.  Similar to all sites based in Japan, you don’t get any bonus sites.  But with Caribbeancom, you don’t need them.  All the videos and photos you’ll ever need are all within the members area.  You can browse by category, model type, and names of porn stars (if you’re looking for someone specific).  Even in specific categories like Female Ejaculation, you get updates at least every week.  The top menu links to AV STARS, COSTUME, AMATEUR, and OTHERS.  All the exclusive content is labeled by a red square, whereas the purchased content is labeled green.

Site Usability

Movies can be viewed online or downloaded in standard WMV formats.  You can download the scene in one big file or multiple clips.  If you choose the latter, you’ll have screenshots to show you what each section looks like.  This helps you determine whether you want to download the whole scene, or just one part.  This comes in handy because there is a download limit of 4GB per day.  This seems to be the case on all adult paysites based in Japan.


A monthly membership costs $49.50.  Now you might think this is expensive, and it some ways it is.  But if you’re looking for one of the largest selections of hard-to-find titles from Japan, then you’ll definitely want to consider getting a membership pass.


Tons of original movies with popular pornstars, amateurs, housewives, and teens make this site a must-have for the serious collector.  It’s not the only site to offer genuine uncensored DVDs, but it’s one of the few to put it all together in a one-password account.  If it wasn’t for the high price, it would be in our top list of sites.

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